About the Company

Rockerbox takes a fundamentally different approach towards understanding user behavior. Rather than focusing on actions taken days, weeks or months ago, Rockerbox focuses on the present. By understanding users' recent browsing activities while they occur, Rockerbox is able to show the right message to the best user at the perfect time. This real-time approach to user behavior helps brands achieve better performance and more conversions than before.

Rockerbox Technology

Rockerbox uses next generation data analytics to continually compute user browsing momentum. Rockerbox re-analyzes billions of data points every 7 seconds to generate actionable insights for advertisers and marketers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that real-time data will dethrone content. At Rockerbox, the user is king and our technological investment to understand user behavior reflects this view.

Press & Awards

Winner : Ad:Tech Startup Spotlight
Finalist : NYC Techweek
Ad Think : Trending in Tech & Advertising
Big Apple Tech Scene Bites Back
ERA's Summer 2013 Demo Day